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What Is Routine Inspection, And Why Is It Necessary?

Routine Inspection will improve road safety and enhance environmental protection. Other benefits will include:

  1. Safety, more reliable cars, longer vehicle service life & reduced fuel consumption
  2. Reduced air and noise pollution
  3. Potential for lower insurance premiums
  4. Employment opportunities throughout LAGOS
  5. Based on a Vehicle Tester Manual - testing will be carried out at a standard, which includes :
    • Emission Test
    • Light Test
    • Suspension Test
    • Brake Test
    • Wheel Alignment Test

    These tests are computerized. Parts of the test are also visual test like: Under body inspection, Interior inspection, seatbelt… etc. Routine Inspection frequency for private vehicles is once a year, while for commercial vehicle is every six (6) months.>

Where Can I Find These Inspection Centers

At the moment 3 inspection centers are being developed. The first is at VIS Compound, Ojodu, and the second is at VIS Office at Ikorodu, and the third is at EPE Lagos. And more centres are being constructed across the LGAs and LCDAs in Lagos state.

What Are The Inspection Centers Operating Hours?

The Operational hours of the inspection centers are 7.30am - 6pm Monday – Friday and Saturday 9am – 2pm.

Can Inspectors Come To My Location To Inspect My Vehicle?

For Now, No – you have to come to one of the Test Centres (Link to Our Test Centers).

What Happens After An Inspection?

If your vehicle PASS the test, you will be issued a Certificate for the next 12 month (For private vehicles and 6 months for Commercial vehicles) If it fails – you have to come back for a Retest within a 30 day window If you miss this time window – you have to undergo a fresh Initial Test .

Are there any exemptions to Roadworthiness inspections?

No - All Vehicles are expected to undergo periodic routines inspection as applicable

What Documents Do I Need To Bring To An Inspection Center?

  • Registered Vehicles: Vehicle License and Road Worthiness Certificate
  • New Vehicles: Nigerian Customs Document

What Categories Of Inspections Are Available?

  • • Initial Test (Link to Initial Test)
  • • Re Test (Link to Retest)

I Want To Register My Imported Used Vehicle: What Inspection Do I Need To Do?

Initial Test

Can anyone bring a vehicle for an inspection, or only the registered owner or an employee of the company (in the case of commercial/corporately owned vehicles)?

Vehicle Inspection is pivotal to the vehicle only–so the owners don't have to come personally; but we are documenting the ownership of the vehicle, therefore, we need the Vehicle Owner Certificate