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Keeping your vehicle in peak operating condition is the best way to ensure your safety on the road as well as reducing your overall motoring costs in Lagos and its environs. Regular inspections can help you identify potential hazards and save you money by preventing additional damage before it happens. It is for these reasons that the Lagos Computerized Vehicle Inspection Services. a recognized Nigerian vehicle-inspection organization to make Lagos roads safer and healthier for inhabitants.


We want every journey that you make to be a safe one. Inspecting your vehicle at least twice a year will ensure that it is safe to drive. Frequent Inspection certifies the roadworthiness of the vehicle, which indicates that the vehicles are safe to be on the road.


After your vehicle has passed an inspection at LACVIS, you can drive assured and confident that it is fit for the road. With all vehicles inspected, road users can be assured that only road worthy vehicles are on the road .


Vehicles emit smoke and dangerous gases that pollute the environment. Our emissions inspection ensures your vehicle does not discharge excessive amount of harmful gases. Certifying that vehicles that emit dangerous gases and smoke are off the road and the environment is safe for road users.


Inspections can save you money in the long run as small defects can be identified and rectified with low cost before they become major issues. Well maintained vehicles run more efficiently, so you get the most out of every drop of fuel.


We recommend for your vehicle to undergo inspection at least twice a year, ensuring it is roadworthy and safe. Our checks will help to identify small problems before they become potentially major issues. Here’s what we do during an inspection:

Summary of vehicle inspection flow.


Whatever make or model of vehicle you drive, LACVIS has the appropriate and well equipped testing facilities to inspect it. We provide a range of inspections, to suit individual needs and particular situations.

  • Statutory Road Worthiness Inspection
  • These are inspections done for vehicles about to be registered and for road worthiness purpose. It is mandatory because the law says so.

  • Vehicle Auditing
  • It’s an inspection mostly done by corporate bodies for the purpose of thorough audit to give detailed report on the status of their vehicles.

  • Volunteering Inspection
  • These are inspection, vehicle owners ought to opt for willingly and not been coerce to undergo them.

  • Commercial Vehicle Initial Inspection
  • Before a new commercial vehicle can be registered, LACVIS must verify that it complies with the standards set out by the authorities.

  • Re-Inspection
  • If your vehicle fails to meet the requirements and standards of an Initial, Special or Routine Inspection, you will be required to rectify the problem(s) and come back for a re-inspection. We will re-inspect the previously failed item(s).

  • Routine Inspection
  • It is a mandatory requirement for all private and commercial vehicles to undergo a Routine Inspection at LACVIS, in order to certify compliance to regulations. During this inspection, we will check the legality and roadworthiness of the vehicle. The routine inspection duration for Private vehicle is once every year, while commercial vehicle is every six months.

  • Government Vehicle Inspection
  • All government vehicles are encouraged to undergo inspections to ascertain the roadworthiness of the vehicle and that it is in accordance with the regulations.


In an effort to provide comprehensive and standardized service in LAGOS STATE, Our inspection facilities are located at strategic areas in Lagos to meet our customer's requirement and serve them better by offering world class services.


At LACVIS, we pride ourselves in delivering fast and accurate vehicle inspections and promise to provide a courteous and comfortable service experience to all of our customers. We are committed to completing your vehicle inspection within the time period stipulated below:

Type Of Inspection Maximum Time To Complete Inspection
Light Vehicle Inspection 15 minutes
Heavy Duty Vehicle Inspection 20 minutes


You should never compromise when it comes to safety, that’s why we have made it affordable. Here, you will find the current price lists for the all inspections. To download, please right-click on the symbol and select "Save target as ..." in the menu that opens.

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