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Human lives and safety are valuable asset and key to our success in realizing our aspiration to be a globally recognized authority in vehicle safety inspection. Our achievements today and in the future depend largely on the competencies and commitment of our people.

We employ highly-trained Vehicle Inspectors, certified in Vehicle Inspection with Certificate in automobile engineering. These vehicle examiners have years of experience to conduct professional vehicle inspection. We trust in fostering an environment that promotes continuous learning and development as we strive to harness the capability and potential of our people.

To ensure vehicles safety at its best, we take great pride in our work and great care to deliver exceptional service experience to our customers. Our team members are valued for their unique contributions towards achieving our shared vision.


In Compliance to international standards and highest quality assurance performance from industry-based certification and accreditation body, LACVIS has been enabled to consistently provide the best services. This commitment to quality and best practices in vehicle inspection is testified through the certification of the MOT, a benchmark for production quality assurance and competence inspection body.

With the incorporation of high quality assurance practices into our operations, our commitment to customers in producing only the best vehicle inspection service, every inspection stage assess compliance through quality inspection, calibration of inspection equipment, quality and reliability of produced inspection results which are of the highest non-compromising standards.

This is further exemplified through an integrated management system which helps to analyze, monitor, document, measure and offer improvement-based planning strategies for inspection efficiency and optimization of resources and productivity.

Quality Policy

In order to be and remain highly competitive in the business, LACVIS will strive to be: “Committed to achieving excellence in providing services to fulfill internal and external customer satisfaction and vehicle certification. In our efforts to achieve global recognition for our services, we have strived to attain vehicle inspection international best practices and quality assurance standards from benchmark authorities.”


  • General overview of our maintenance and calibration.
    LACVIS has put a high priority on the maintenance and calibration of its testing equipment. Preventive maintenance schedule on daily, monthly and quarterly basis has been the core activities in the company for ensuring minimum downtime of operation. Efficient corrective maintenance through skill upgrading, efficient supply chain of spare part and faster communication has been our solution in maintaining lower than 5% equipment downtime per month at all centers across the state.
  • Equipment Repeatability and Reproducibility (ER&R)
    LACVIS has applied an Equipment Repeatability and Reproducibility (ER&R) program (based on Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) analysis) which is a measurement of the capability of equipment to generate the reliable, accurate, precise and consistent readings and result every time. The measurement process is undertaken for the same characteristic or parameter as complied in our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
    The ER&R activities have been conducted periodically at all branches and equipped inspection lanes. It is covered on Side Slip Tester, Suspension Tester, Brake Tester and Smoke Tester. The measurement and verification process are being verified by using a specific Test Car and tested by competent Vehicle Inspectors.